Business perimeters & data requests

One of the main strengths of the Myrmex platform is to let organisations query themselves for data related to business perimeters which might be unknown to the organisation issuing a data request.

Example : Organisation A needs to know wether its products are compliant with a certain regulation. Organisation A buys these products (or part of these products) from its supplier, Organisation B. The regulation requires manufacturiing sites to be certified, but organisation A does not know where organisation B produces these products. Myrmex makes it possible for organisation A to query organisation B on "sites involved in the production of its supplies". Organisation B will declare these sites (and/or products) when answering to the data request.

Declaring Sites & Products from a request

When answering to a data request, and depending on the content template being used, the data providing organisation can be required to link its answers to certain business data perimeters, namely Sites and Products. When this is the case, a special question within the main organisation questionnaire will require the respondent to declare these involved sites and/or products:

  • If these sites and/or products have already been declared in Myrmex for a previous request, responding users will only need to select the appropriate perimeter(s) to be answered.
  • If that is not the case, these perimeters can be created right within the questionnaire.

Once this special question has been answered, Myrmex will automatically create new questionnaires in the data providing organisation's workbasket dedicated to these sites and/or products to let the request be answered thoroughly.

Removing Sites & Products from a request

Conversely, removing business perimeters from the business perimeters declaration question will automatically remove questionnaires related to these perimeters. 

NB : Answers related to removed perimeters are never lost in Myrmex. Should these perimeters be added again, any existing answer will be restored on the corresponding questions.