When you are asked to validate data in Myrmex, be is as a verifier or an auditor, you access data to be validated in the "Ready for validation" tab of your Audit or validation tasks:

For each questionnaire included in the request to review, you click on the "Audit report" or "Verify report" button. This gives you access to the questionnaire as answered by the data provider, where you can "accept" or "reject" provided answers:

Rejection requires you to provide a comment. Statuses are immediately visible in your interface, as well as in the Fill in interface of the data provider.

When you are done working on the request, you have three options:

a. You will need to pursue the validation work later, but want to keep a note (visible to everyone in the request history) about it: you can add an opinion;

b. Everything is validated and fine. You click on "Verification Job finished" or "Audit Job finished" to provide a final comment that is sent by email to the requester (and optionally to the data provider). The request then goes in 'finished' status (cf. request statuses);

c. Everything is validated, but corrections/improvements are needed. You click on "Send feedback" to provide a global comment to the data provider who receives an email to inform him/her of the need to re-work (optionally, the requester can receive a copy). The request then goes in 'rework required' status (cf. request statuses).