In Myrmex, several questions can be gathered in a consistent set called a question group. This is usually the case when multiple fields contribute to encoding a consistent answer, such as when an articles list is requested and the respondent is expected to provide article IDs, Descriptions and unique identifiers.

In order to make the respondent's life easier and to increase productivity, Myrmex accepts several multi-field answers to be provided through an Excel-like copy and paste process, described below:

  1. Click on the Import Answers button at the top right of the group box. Myrmex then displays the below popup window :
  2. Click on the Download template button, save the XLSX file in a local folder on your device, and open it in Excel (or equivalent piece of software). It should look like this, with all questions of the group displayed as column headers:

  3. You may then type in (or copy and paste from elsewhere) the content of each column :

  4. Once your are done, select the entire spreadsheet (Ctrl+A) and copy it (Ctrl+C).

  5. Click in the Paste your data here zone of the modal window :

  6. Paste your data (Ctrl+V). At this point, you should see something like this :

  7. Click on the Submit button to import all answers at once. Bravo, you're done!

NB : this imported dataset will override previous answers if any (while the history trail of each answer will keep track of previous inputs).