To send a new request, internally or to a connection (e.g. a supplier):

1. Go the Requests page

2. Pick the report you want to generate thanks to the request. If this menu does not open, it means that your account is not authorised to send requests (contact us for a quote to enable that).

3. Pick the period relevant to your request

4. For an internal request, check the internal box. To ask for data to some of your connections, click on the small arrow in front of "# selected" and then pick the connection(s) that you want to receive the request

5. If needed, include an auditor or a verifier that will check the provided data.  If you tick the box that the audit or verification is "enforced", your report will only display answers that have been positively audited or verified. If you uncheck it, all answer will be immediately visible in the report, and audit/verification marks will progressively appear next to data.

6. Provide a due date to indicate for when you expect the answer

7. An optional comment is always a more friendly way to give insights to the recipient about the motivation of your request, or specifics about the way to answer it.

8. Click on "Send"

+ Request

For internal requests, the new requests will be immediately injected into your workbasket.

When requesting connections, each involved connection will receive an email to inform them that a new request awaits for their answers in their workbasket.