Myrmex does its best to avoid useless user input. In several situations, you may need to copy data provided in the platform in another context (for example another period, another site or another product...).

Myrmex lets you do this very efficiently with the Copy Data functionality.

The copy data functionality lets you compare or copy data from :

  • A similar scope : another site, or another product depending on the questionnaire you are in
  • Another period : if you already answered CSR questions last year for instance, you can copy your former relevant answers into this year's questionnaire

It is automatically available and displayed by default when data exists that could answer to the questions of the active questionnaire. You can tell it is active by looking at the right-hand side sidebar, where the "Copying from" button is lit in green and the source of the to-be-copied data displayed below, in this case data given for the previous period, 2016 :

You can view the list of possible sources to copy from by clicking on the dropdown list and possibly chosing another one. Myrmex will then go ahead and load that other data set to copy from.

You can then tell the copy feature is available and ready to use when Myrmex displays another possible answer along with a copy button below the actual answers you have to provide :

Clicking on the copy button will inject the proposed answer in the actual current scope and period answer field.