Myrmex allows various user profiles to collaborate to an organisation account. Each user has a role which determines the various actions and views he has within the platform.

When you first create your organisation, your are the Administrator by default.

You may then invite your colleagues and assign the appropriate profile(s) to them. A single user can have several roles.

If you want to know more about adding users, please refer to this solution.

The list of available roles is the following :

  • Viewer : this is the default role and is assigned to all user accounts. Should a user be prevented read-only access, then his account needs to be inactived.
  • Data provider : can provide data to respond to requests.
  • Reporting manager : can create data requests, both internally and to external parties.
  • Organisation manager : can modify an organisation's Sites and Products, and manages the organisation Connections.
  • Administrator : has full access on the organisation. He is also allowed to invite new users as well as manage user rights.